Troubleshooting the Silverlight to RIA Services Connection

Troubleshooting the Silverlight to RIA Services Connection

by JBrooks 6. December 2011 11:41

The first thing I do when troubleshooting a Silverlight startup error (like where it just has the startup progress bar sitting at 100% forever) is to make sure I can reach the RIA Service and it doesn’t return an error.

This example shows how to decode the URL back to the service:


This is just the path delimited with dashes to the service as seen in your project and also with all of the periods changed to dashes and then just add “.svc” at the end.


You should see a page for the RIA Service if you put this URL in a browser.

When calling a method it is ClientBin first, followed by the name space, followed by “binary” and then your method name.  Here are 2 examples:



I just needed to put this somewhere so I can reference it in the future.


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