I Love Idea Paint

I Love Idea Paint

by JBrooks 21. September 2016 16:23

We just received our Idea Paint that we are going to put on one of the walls in our new workout room. This reminded me of when we painted the main conference room in the office building I worked in.  It was a big conference room with 2 little white boards that always had “Do Not Erase” written on them and a silly little paper easel. So I did some research and here is what we did.

Bought some Idea paint (still the best as of this writing, but warning – the smell will make you want to work somewhere else for about 4 days.)



Click here to see current pricing.  My wife, daughter and I took a Friday after work and that Saturday to paint the conference room walls, which had a nice cured corner.



Truth is, my wife (the artist in the family) did most of the work.



Once done, it was a giant white board!  Couldn’t wait to put up my process flow diagrams on it.



I didn’t tell anyone I was doing this mind you, I just did it. A few complaints about the smell into the next Tuesday. Everyone loved it to the point where people from our company were coming over from another building to have meetings in the room just to use the white board. My (consulting) company did give me a big gift card as a thank you.

A few weeks later it was full.


I guess we will use it in the new weight room to track our workout progress…. hmmm.  We will see how that works out, I still highly recommend it for the office. Click here to see Idea Paint on Amazon.